Good Morning.

Well, let’s begin with a warm message.

Howdy you there! yeah you, it’s you!
Nah, nobody care.

It’s been a long time since I got this idea to set up a new blog in English. And here it is, this happy typing octopus squized me up. Look how happy he is. Took 2 days for me to get rid of the tentacles and this octopus keeps smile on me. Be a good boy.

Anyway, this writing is not only to show off my beautiful hand writing, I know, but under some circumstances is easier to explain it like this. Just let me write what I want and this time is in English, take it.

As I mention before, while am writing in English you have to do the same. There will be a lot of people coming here, so make sure you are already prepared to be known. Yeaah.

One more thing, let me say this one. I know it’s silly, you have your own dreams to do anything (as please as to this octopus) and there your ego come. Make sure where your foot is going to step on and towards which way. Yes, to the right one.

Good Morning, sunshine.