It was 69 years ago. August 17, 1945 was the independence day of Indonesia. I’m not going to say anything what has been done during that time, but here it is Republic of Indonesia in 2014.

The good news is, this year we are going to have new president! Believes and hopes are on his shoulders. Time to roll up our sleeves folks.

Let’s get back to this 4-years away series. I feel a shame as I didn’t join the ceremony this morning. I have been prepared for this day night before. Alarm clock, time to catch the tram, the stop, and last but not least weather was checked. Everything seems perfect except: Get up early on Sunday morning. I missed my chance to unlock the achievement “Attend independence day ceremony for 2 timess in a row during 20s”.

I’d like to say congratulations to people who managed to celebrate this day like one of them at Federation Square, and every single person who has brought us to this 69.